King Digital, Creator of Candy Crush, is bought out by Activision for 5.9 Billion Dollars

Late Monday Activision Blizzard had announced that it would be acquiring the mobile gaming giant King Digital Enterntainment for $5.9 billion.

King Digital Enterntainment is responsible for developing the highly popular game Candy Crush Saga which has 158 million daily users and more than 1 billion daily game plays. So it comes to no sruprise Activision would be interested in buying King Digital. Especially since mobile gaming revenue is expected to hit about $88 billion in just this year then to around $110 billion by 2018 at 8% annual growth, according to Digi-Capital. That’s a lot of money for a market that was first just dismissed as a time waster for single moms who would stay at home.

Activision seems to keep wanting to grow more and more and they seem to be headed in the right direction for now. mobile gaming is rapidly growing day by day slowly catching up to console sales.

In a statement released by Activision ceo Robert Kotick, he said “”Mobile gaming is the largest and fastest-growing opportunity for interactive entertainment and we will have one of the world’s most successful mobile game companies and its talented teams providing great content to new customers, in new geographies throughout the world,”

King Digital was founded in 2003 and ever since then the gaming company has relied on the freemium business model where you can get the game for free but have to pay for extra items that make the gameplay easier. Candy Crush started off as a Facebook game to be played in browser but was released on Apple ios on November 2012 and then on Android operating systems a month later which was when the game really took off and became as popular as it is now.

Activision Logo King Digital Entertainment


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