Microsoft taking away unlimited OneDrive storage

Microsoft has recently announced that it will be taking away the ability for users to have unlimited amounts of storage using OneDrive because apparently if you say unlimited storage people will hold you to it.

Almost a year ago Microsoft had stated that paid Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers would also receive unlimited cloud storage using their OneDrive service. But then on Monday Microsoft announced that they had changed their minds because heavy users were using around 75TB of storage which they didn’t think would happen.

Instead Microsoft decided to revert back to their old plans which would have limits on the amount of storage available. Now paid users will only be able to use 1 tb of maximum storage and they’re also removing their old 100GB and 200GB paid plans. They are replacing the old paid plans with a 50GB plan that will run you $1.99 a month. Then the next step is that the free OneDrive storage will be shortened from 15GB to 5GB instead.

Users who are paying for the service are and for whatever reason not happy with the reduction in storage they will be offered pro-rated refunds.

It’s a little silly and surprising that a company as big as Microsoft wouldn’t have accounted for the small number of people who would use all that extra space available. There are other companies that actually offer unlimited cloud storage space and they say that they don’t have any issues with it and that they are still able to be very profitable. Who knows I suppose.



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